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February 14, 2012

Caliiifornia Tour & Merch Sale

Hi everybody. Never let it be said we don’t get romantic on Valentine’s Day. We’re clearing out some old merch before we hit the road. Tees for under $15 — £10 — €12. Tote bags are even cheaper. Visit backstreet-merch.com/stores/chkchkchk and use discount code: CHK25

Here’s the deal on this Caliiifornia tour: the album’s far from done. (Relax, just a couple hard weeks in the studio and you’ll be downloading it in no time.) Anyway, we’ve got a bunch of songs and we’re still testing them all out, trying to figure out our favorites. Honestly I think they’re all hits, but life just doesn’t work out like that. So come check out which ones you like best, and maybe we’ll even play a couple oldies.

We said maybe.

- Tues Feb 28: Santa Barbara, CA @ SoHO – Tickets | F’book
- Weds Feb 29: San Diego, CA @ Casbah – Tickets | F’book
- Thurs Mar 1: Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex – Tickets | F’book
- Fri Mar 2: Berkeley, CA @ UC Berkeley Lower Sproul Plaza – FREE SHOW | F’book

Anyway, the SoCal shows are with Wild Belle, who you might like:

The UC Berkeley show is free which you probably like even more. Thee Ohh Sees are opening that one up.