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August 24, 2011

Last shows in a season of Strange Weather

We just finished up in Korea & California and there was the usual house rocking (or festival rocking rather) and the unusual hijinx we get up to. In Korea, we stayed in the futuristic ghost town of Incheon and ghosts don’t mind skinny dipping as evidenced by the photo above. A newsletter has just gone out announcing the upcoming shows as the final tour dates for this season of Strange Weather.

Sadly I’m sure you have now figured that we are only human. We can’t play everywhere and have to break now & then to make new records. Much as we would like them to, songs don’t write themselves. Right now, we’re swimming in demos and trying to pick the best ones for our next masterpiece.

Don’t u just transfer your adoration to a lesser band while we finish up these new recordings. We may just venture out to try out some new songs soon. Until then, stay sweet and we’ll stay !!!