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February 5, 2013

Note from Mario: THR!!!ER

Hello! Mario from !!! here. After mastering our upcoming LP (THR!!!ER…if you don’t know) and finishing out 2012 with some rather sweet gigs in Hong Kong, Taipei, Brooklyn, the fine maiden SS Coachella, and finally NYE in Salt Lake…Nic high-tailed it to Africa. Serious….so I’m taking a stab at this newsletter to keep you all abreast.

Nic’s currently raw-doggin it on the western side…and I understand he may have had a renegade collaboration with a hot shit hip-hop artist in Sierra Leone. More to come on that…or not.

So, yes…THR!!!ER is set to be released late April via Warp Records. It was primarily produced (& masterfully engineered) by Jim Eno of Spoon fame at his Austin,TX studio Public Hi-Fi. We went in grizzled and ready…seriously, no pussyfooting. Jim pushed us…we’d push back a little…then he’d get some friends and push back harder…next thing, he’d coaxed some auricular magic out of us…and we’re massively excited to share it with you.

Soon, we’ll have some tour dates to share, some advanced musical streams…and other little candies.