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March 14, 2012

SXSW + new m!!!xtape

Allan just posted a new mixtape called ACTION BABY. If you have no patience you can stream it here or download it at this link.

He made this for you because he’s generous with his time like that & was kind of bored. Enjoy in yr car, yr dorm room, yr gym, and over yr shit laptop speakers.

We’re also happy to announce our post-SXSW hangover show at The Mohawk Austin on Sunday, March 18th with Vockah Redu. Vockah Redu was the best thing we saw last year at SXSW so, um, do the math. Them, us, should be the show of the week, yeah? What’s that you say? You’re gonna be all partied out from a week of SXSW? Ain’t you never heard of hair of the dog? Well, !!! plays at 10pm so all babies can still get to bed by midnight. We’re also doing a secret show & some DJ sets in Austin later this week. Yeah, i know every other show’s a secret show at SXSW. Well, what happens in Austin stays in Austin this time, K?

We also have announcements about some new gigs in the Southeastern US (in April) and Europe (in May). A Seattle group called Shabazz Palaces is opening all the April dates ’cause excited us a bunch when we caught wind of their album last year. You can listen to their whole LP on YouTube. Get into it.

Ticket details will make it onto this internet web site eventually but for now check out our newsletter or else go visit what we like to call F’book.



23 Skopje, MK @ Zdravo Mladi Festival TICKETS
28 Bergen, NO @ Natjazz Festival TICKETS
30 Barcelona, ES @ Primavera Sound TICKETS


7 Porto, PT @ Optimus Primavera Sound TICKETS
9 Salamanca, ES @ Plaza Mayor de Salamanca


11-13 Hudson, NY @ Hudson Music Project TICKETS
18 Sacramento, CA @ Cesar Chavez Park TICKETS
31 Providence, RI @ Columbus Theater TICKETS


1 Boston, MA @ Great Scott TICKETS
2 Montreal, QC @ Osheaga Music and Arts Festival TICKETS
3 Toronto, ON @ Horseshoe Tavern TICKETS


6 San Sebastian, ES @ Kultur Kutxa Festival TICKETS