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March 16, 2011

SXSW & Nate Dogg RIP

Let’s cut to the chase. Here’s our SXSW schedule. All shows are free & open to the general public. We’re going to live Tweet some of our shows if we’re not sweating so hard it’ll gross up our iPhones.

Friday, March 18 @ 6pm – Other Music Party
@ French Legation Museum, 802 San Marcos St

Saturday, March 19 @ 2pm – Brooklyn Vegan Party
@ Barbarella, 215 Red River St

Saturday, March 19 @ 7pm-ish – Mess with Texas
@ East Side Drive, 6th St & San Marcos St

Yup we’re doing it, and we’ve never done it, ever. And we’re already on a first name basis with it, calling it Southby, like we’ve already been there five times. We hear you’re just supposed to get wasted, get free stuff and wander around and say “OMG, hi. I haven’t seen you in 4ever.” So we’re practicing up for that.

In addition to the trio of free gigs on Friday and Saturday, our video for the song “Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass” by fellow Sac native Saman Keshavarz will be screened at the SXSW’s video competition. And while we’re in the Southwest we made stops in Denton and Mexico City.

Last but not least a tribute to a recently deceased great American of our acquaintance. We recorded our tribute to him in advance. We’ll be playing our cover of “Get Up” at all of our Austin shows.