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October 17, 2011

Final Video & Equatorial weather tour

It’s time for some thank yous. Our final shows on the Strange Weather tour were sell out gigs in Washington DC and Brooklyn. Thanks! And over in England land, Saman Keshavarz’s video for our song “Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass” has been nominated for a UK Music Video Award. Thanks! (We hadn’t heard of it either but people tell us it’s a big deal, or at least a deal.)

Because of all this end-of-album-cycle love, we’re leaving you one last memory in video form. Here’s the story behind it so no one has to make a documentary ten years from now to find out: Some people got stoned one night and figured out the song “Most Certain Sure” matched up with an exploitation film called Stunt Rock as well as Wizard of Oz syncs up Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. It was cut by Ethan Vogt, the founder of Bring to Light NYC which happened in early October in the parks & waterfront of Greenpoint, as well as other projects which the internet can explain.

Voila! Video magic.

Next time you see us, expect even more capes & leotards, stunts & fire.

Well, okay, maybe the time after next. In a few weeks we fly to various equatorial climates because fall in the northern hemisphere is a bummer. It’s a short tour that will take us to Indonesia, Columbia, Chile & Brazil. At least half the band’s set should consist of new material which we’ll be working on while we’re down there. Details here. Worth a plane ticket? It was worth it to us. Some people called our last album our Berlin album, maybe this will be our Latin jam. You’re welcome Asia & South America.